How To Help

Thank you for your monetary donations. For every dollar received we can provide 5 pounds of food.
Please make your check payable to:

“Bread for Life”

Mailing Address : PO Box 61 , Gloucester VA 23061

We also welcome your donations of non-perishable foods, paper and household products:

Canned fruits  Cooking Oil, flour,sugar Dish soap 
Stews and soups pudding and jello cups laundry detergent
Spaghetti Sauces Snacks All purpose cleaner
Peanut Butter and jelly Pancake, cake , biscuit mixes Toilet Tissue
Breakfast Cereals Syrup and honey Napkins
Tuna, canned chicken Pasta Bath soap
Fruit Drinks Ramen Noodle cups Toothpaste, toothbrushes
Bagged and Flavored rices Ground coffee, tea Wipes – baby and adult
Beans – dried, canned  

Canned Vegetables

Diapers and pull ups, all sizes Dental floss, deodorant
  • We are so very grateful for each and every donation.  Thank you.

Food contributions may be dropped off at the pantry, Mondays 9:00-2:00 or Wednesdays 11:00-4:00.